[Snort-devel] spo_csv - whitespace/sid/gen/rev stuff

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Mon Jul 30 09:06:45 EDT 2001

Dragos Ruiu <dr at ...40...> writes:

> On Sun, 29 Jul 2001, Chris Green wrote:
>> How to construct a variable number of arguments into one function
>> call?  I can't think of a non-nasty way to do it.
> What's wrong with the traditional <stdarg.h>,va_arg, va_start, va_end method?
> Other than format string vulnerabilities does it count as nasty?

No, the problem is a user configurable number of variables to be
printed that will imply a user generated format.

I'm not a va_args expert but isn't it a macro therefore done at
compile time?

I'm beginging to think there should just be a selection of format
strings available for csv and doing like Brian said and just
hard-coding them.

Anyone else use csv? (besides Brian)
Chris Green <cmg at ...81...>
"I'm beginning to think that my router may be confused."

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