[Snort-devel] Problems getting stream plugin to load

Deven Phillips dphillips at ...392...
Tue Jul 24 22:32:43 EDT 2001


	This is my first post to the list, so I hope that I do not step on any
toes. Here's the problem that I am having:

In my snort config file I have the following:

	stream ports 25 80 143 110,timeout 30,maxbytes 16384

When I start snort, I get the following in my syslog:

snort:  *WARNING*: unknown preprocessor "stream ports 21 22 25 53 80 143
110, timeout 30, maxbytes 16384

Can anyone tell me why it can't find the stream plugin?

Deven Phillips, CISSP
Network Architect
Viata Online, Inc.
Sorry if the spelling sucks, but my laptop battery is runn....

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