[Snort-devel] many bugs in config directives

Tony Lill ajlill at ...267...
Tue Jul 24 00:15:21 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Roesch <roesch at ...402...> writes:

    Martin> Hi Tony,
    >> I'm running snort Version 1.8.1-beta3 (Build 50), and I have
    >> been trying to use the config directives. They don't work very
    >> well. During the course of debug this I've found:

    Martin> That's why they're still undocumented. :)


    Martin> Hmm, this is a definite ordering issue.  I don't know if
    Martin> it's best to remove this as a config option all together
    Martin> or try to delay the interface initialization (or maybe
    Martin> reinitialize the interface) until after the rules file has
    Martin> been parsed and all config information has been loaded.

Yeah, I considered sending you a patch, but I figured that you'd
probably be re-writing the whole config option/command line args
bit. A simple thing that would make it work right is to make a pass
through the config file(s) just looking for those options and set the
variables like the argv processing, then do the initialization, then
read them again ignoring the config options and do the rest of the
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