[Snort-devel] Snort 1.8 RPMs & RH7.1 - I had trouble with it.

Austin Mann austin at ...559...
Mon Jul 23 21:49:47 EDT 2001

Kind Snorter folks -

On the Snort.org site, feedback on the RPM's was solicited, so here goes.

I used to run RH6.2 now run RH7.1, and there were some structural changes, that I think I may be able to attribute my problems to.
(inetd is gone. alas)
Anyway I grabbed the Snort-1.8p1-0.i386.rpm and when I try to run it, it fusses about libpcap being >= 4.0.
So I went to tcpdump.org got their tarballs for libpcap, & tcpdump (while I was at it)
did the -xvzf, ./configure, make, make install, (for both libpcap & tcpdump) and now tcpdump runs fine.
In fact it says its using a 6.x version of libpcap.

Anyway I went back to rerun the rpm -i -v Snort*
and it still complains.

Is it because my paths are so different now?

My old tcpdump was in /usr/sbin 
now it is in /usr/local/sbin/
I was thinking my libpcap may be somewhere in la-la land as well

A find / libpcap was fruitless however.

Any thoughts are deeply appreciatted, and if I can help with something (I'm a router-network-MCSE geek, not a coder) please let me know...

I want to thank you folks for taking the time to write an open source NIDS and make it available to the world. Linux is so cool, I just cant get enthused about reupping my MCSE, now that I've seen this OS, and the apps for it, and the quality of the open source projects I run. Many thanks, and my profound respect.

Warmest wishes, 

Austin Mann
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