[Snort-devel] Building Snort 1.8 on WinNT/2K

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Tue Jul 17 19:05:11 EDT 2001

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> Quoting Frank Knobbe <FKnobbe at ...339...>:
> > As far as I know, Snort 1.8 is not ported to Windows yet. I guess
> > Mike is waiting for 1.8 to stabilize...
> How involved is the Windows port?  Is it something that could be 
> documented and posted so the rest of us impatient Windoze users
> (client's choice, not mine) could forge ahead?

There are a couple of extra files which (I believe) are not in the
CVS tree yet. Same applies for any project file and compiler config.
It is not a problem getting the Win32 port of snort integrated into
CVS so that we have one source that be compiled under *nix or Win32.
Some fixes (like SMB alerts) already play nicely in the CVS tree.

It's just a time issue. Mike doesn't have the time at the moment
(beside a real life, probably busy with the 1.8 port). I'm currently
still working on my plug-in. I had though about giving Mike a hand
getting Snort with Win32 pieces into CVS (if Marty let's us :), but
I'm wondering if it would be more involved than if one person takes a
Saturday and works through it. 

I would suggest, though, that we wait until Mike has ported Snort
1.8. Having someone else do the job now for 1.8 may distort the
result. The Win32 port of 1.7 is great, and I hate to see this get
messed up. Once 1.8-Win32 is out, anyone of us could either help out,
or step up himself to get Snort stuffed into CVS.

What do you think, Mike? How can we all help you out?


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