[Snort-devel] off-topic: DEFCON

pbsarnac at ...501... pbsarnac at ...501...
Fri Jul 6 11:31:24 EDT 2001

Since we've already established that a number of us are going to be at
Defcon this year, is there any interest in getting all of the snorters
together at one place for a few beers? Maybe if we get some of the
contributors drunk, we can convince them to develop custom features for us!
(I'm specifically looking for an Angelina Jolie preprocessor...)

Interest? Suggested time and/or place? How about 8:00 pm on Friday (so we
don't collide with any lectures or the Black and White Ball)... at the Hard
Rock? What else is in the neighborhood? (I'm assuming that the Alexis Park
will be packed.)

If you're interested and/or have suggestions, give me a reply out of band
so we can keep this traffic off of the lists.

Patrick Sarnacke
ThoughtWorks, Inc.

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