[Snort-devel] rules2sql.pl and sql2rules.pl

Ray Pompon rpompon at ...243...
Wed Jan 31 18:07:28 EST 2001

Funny you should mention it.  I'm tinkering around with that vary thang.

I've got a rough DTD for Snort rules laid out in XML schema right now. 

>[Martin Roesch]
>| XML is ok, but I want to remain backwards compatible.  Basically I'm
>| talking about having rules parser plugins (groan).  
>With backward compatibility, do you mean that the plugin should be able
>to read the rules in both format (XML and the current)?
>Based on a model one of my coworkers have made (for describing IDS rules
>in general), I tried to make an example of XML rule for snort (mostly to
>better understand it myself):
>  <header>
>    <id>
>      <ids>IDS198</ids>
>    </id>
>    <title>SYN FIN Scan</title>
>    <serialnumber>2001011501</serialnumber>
>    <comments>
>      A TCP probe was sent with the SYN+FIN flags set in the header. 
>      This traffic does not occur naturally and indicates an intentional
>      probe, likely as a part of single-packet OS detection.
>    </comments>
>    <origin>http://www.whitehats.com/info/IDS198</origin>
>    <author>
>      <name>Marty Roesch </name>
>      <e-mail>roesch at ...16... </e-mail>
>    </author>
>  </header>
>  <logic>
>    <and>
>      <protocol>tcp</protocol>
>      <source>
>        <address>&EXTERNAL;</address>
>        <port>any</port>
>      </source>
>      <destination>
>        <address>&INTERNAL;</address>
>        <port>any</port>
>      </destination>
>      <flags syn fin>
>      <direction>inbound</direction>
>    </and>
>  </logic>
>  <handling>
>    <facility>snort 1.7</facility>
>    <severity>low</severity>
>  </handling>
>What I realy would like to see, is a definition of the elements in a
>snort rule (something like a DTD).
>| By the time I get done, Snort's going to be about 100 lines of code with
>| 60000 lines of plugins. :)
>That's probably why we like snort so much -- it makes it _possible_ for
>us to scratch our own itch. :-)
>"I hate the term 'user-friendly'. People balk if they have to learn a 
>different way of doing something."               -- Douglas Engelbart

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