[Snort-devel] Makefile issues; counsel sought

Todd Lewis tlewis at ...120...
Mon Jan 22 17:11:27 EST 2001

OK, so I add all of my stuff into Makefile.in, only to discover that
it is autogenerated from Makefile.am.  I need some help figureing out
how to make this work.

What I want is to support both dynamic and static compilation of paengine
modules.  Ideally, if the system is configured with --enable-dyn-modules,
then paengine_*.c will be compiled into paengine_*.so along the lines of
the instructions that I sent out to the list some weeks ago.  If not,
then I would grep out the paengine names and add them into the array
"paengine_s *static_paengines[]" in paengine.c.

I have no problem in the code supporting both static and dynamic modules
simltaneously, and am perfectly happy having the person compiling
snort decide which modules are in which category, or even in both.
The limitation here is my understanding of the make system.

I had this all working in Makefile.in before I was suddenly reminded
that this is a generated file.  How does one add stuff like this into

I am on the verge of releasing a final version of my paengine'ified
snort-1.6.3.  This will be the version that SecureWorks will use while
2.0 is under development and this work gets absorbed into the mainstream
code (and the mainstream code stabilizes enough that we can use it in
production.)  This will also be the version that we will be promoting
publically as we evangelize this work.

For that release, I may just zap Makefile.am and include my modified
Makefile.in, once I re-modify it.  Would anyone have a problem with
that approach?

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