[Snort-devel] more fun questions

Todd Lewis tlewis at ...120...
Thu Jan 18 18:21:54 EST 2001

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Martin Roesch wrote:

> The output plugin approach hews closer to what has been done in Snort
> before.  It can also be treated as a preprocessor, but if we do that
> then we'll be trying to make decisions ahead of the detection engine. 
> Maybe we should think about new action keywords, pass and drop and have
> the system specifically integrate netfilter functionality.

I would agree with the new "pass" and "drop" keywords, but I don't know
that I would call associate this functionality with netfilter.  Viz.,
under FreeBSD, using divert sockets will be identical.

> Can you describe for me the way you envision the packet flow through
> Snort for this application?

Sure.  In my mods to 1.6.3, which it looks like SecureWorks will try to
deploy in advance of snort 2.0, I have created a new function called
HandlePacket.  This function holds the majority of what used to be in
ProcessPacket; its purpose is to print the packet info and/or log it if
required, and then to send it through the rules via Preprocess().

That having been done, ProcessPacket now looks like the following:

void *
ProcessPacket(void *pa)
	pa_packet *k;
	Packet p;

		(*grinder)(&p, p.pkth, k->buf);

That's it.  You get a packet, you grind it, you process it, and then
you dispose of it, all in a loop.

(As an aside, the reason the function pointlessly returns a (void *)NULL
is that it's a pthread_create-friendly function.  As a proof of concept,
I've had this loop running in several threads under Linux simultaneously
with no problems.  I plan to test this further on an MP machine and clock
the performance.  In other words, this approach is threadable in a way
that the callback model is not, which I think is an important criterion.)

Does that answer your question?  

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