[Snort-devel] processing reversed rules

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Thu Jan 11 14:04:32 EST 2001

While playing with rules, I decided to add rules with the direction
going backwards with the "<-" operator rather than "->"

I've seen places where I would have liked to write my rules of the
form where the attacker is always on the left and my subnet is always
on the right - mainly for quick C&Ps of rules.

A -> B
A <- B

instead of

A -> B
B -> A 

This patch just rewrites the rules inside of rules.c
rather than one doing it in the config file.

I adopted the same style as the BIFURCATE stuff ( which I assume was
the old method of doing bidirectional rules ).

You need to add a #defined RULES_REVERESED to rules.h as well as this
patch to use it

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