[Snort-devel] lack of snort PID file under OpenBSD 2.8

Ashley Frost Ashley.W.Frost at ...201...
Thu Jan 11 11:37:21 EST 2001

Here is the uname information for my system:
OpenBSD cerberus 2.8 GENERIC#399 i386


Just a quick question.  I've upgraded from snort-1.6.3 (w/o patch) to
snort-1.7.  After building it with the default configure options, I find
that it is no longer creating a pid file in /var/run.  This is the same
problem I experienced under snort-1.6.3-patch2.  

Using 'find / -name "*.pid" -print

reveals that there is no snort.pid file on the system.  

Is there a fix?

-Ashley Frost

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