[Snort-devel] Snort with Unix domain socket

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Thu Jan 4 14:22:46 EST 2001

For some reason I thought it was only sending the alert msg. 

Guardian is a stand-alone Perl script which watches the output of
snort, and will add rules to IPChains on the fly as snort detects
and reports an attack. (www.whitehats.com/ids/guardian.tgz)

But then again, since Snort sends the packet in a structure, I
propably won't need Guardian. I only have to go throught the packet
and find the source ip and bloc it with ipchains.

It will be much faster then having Guardian parse an alert log with 
a perl regular expression.

Thanks, really appreciate the help.


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On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 12:21:54PM -0500, Jean-Philippe Grenier wrote:
> Well, will it be too overhelming to have snort send the whole packet
> to the unix socket and then have a modified version of Guardian, 
> reading from the unix socket, parsing the alerts ?

I just checked the source, it actually does send the whole packet:

Yeah can be done if really needed. Forgive my ignorance, what is the
'Guardian' you're
refering too?

> I'm not sure if I understand it right, why would I have to parse out 
> the whole datagram again to print it ? I thought it already was in
> the Alertpkt.

You will get offsets of datalink header (ethernet or whatever), IP and
TCP/UDP/ICMP headers in packet. but to print IP packet you'll have to parse
it out again (fields, options etc).

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