[Snort-devel] help!!

A.L.Lambert alambert at ...89...
Wed Feb 21 11:24:29 EST 2001

> This my sound some what elementary, however I need to have this done.
> My supervisor is insisting that there is a way, or procedure on the
> Snort site to teach me to create my packets to be able to sniff with.
> Is there such a procedure on the site? Or am I just not at that level
> of expertise. Please help if you can.

	Can you explain what you mean by the statement "create my packets
to be able to sniff" ????  Snort does not need you (or anyone else) to
make any kind of special packets to do it's job as a sniffer, all it needs
is a network connection to sniff traffic from.  Anyway; basically, if you
can explain your needs a little better and in more detail, someone around
here can quite likely help you out.


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