[Snort-devel] unofficial testing

Brian Caswell bmc at ...227...
Mon Feb 12 12:56:38 EST 2001

Todd Lewis wrote:

> By the way, compiling snort with "-DDEBUG" has not worked for as
> long as I've been hacking snort, which admittedly has not been
> very long.  Also, you can pretty much forget about using the
> following flags to gcc:
>         -Wstrict-prototypes
>         -ansi
>         -pedantic-errors
> All of this leads me to a question: would anyone be averse to some sort
> of testing regimen and a release checklist being contributed for 2.0?
> The regimen would include test rule files to make sure the parser
> is not broken as well as, maybe, unit tests of internal components.
> The checklist would include:
>         - running the tests
>         - compiling and testing with debugging enabled
>         - compiling with strict compiler checking
> Would anyone be interested in helping with such a project?

I wouldn't mind testing/debugging.  Actually, I have been able to use
-DDEBUG for a while.  What is the compiler errors you get?   I agree
that it would be best to clean up the code as much as possible.  I've
been cleaning up code left and right, but lately focusing making snort
just a bit faster.  (3 writes are slower than 3 strncats and 1 write) 
Every little bit of speed helps.

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