[Snort-devel] requested clarification on xml

A.L.Lambert alambert at ...89...
Thu Feb 8 17:59:02 EST 2001

> I just want to make sure of something:
> I haven't seen anyone object to snort's using XML natively and just
> using a translator to continue to support the existing format for
> people who like it.  Does anyone have an objection to that course?  
> If so, what is the objection?  If not, then I think that we have
> consensus that XML is an option if the technology can be made to work.

	Now this track, I don't really have any objections to.  Perhaps a
tool that will parse both ways would be the best key.  That way, when/if
we start getting people distributing rules in native XML format, those of
us who need/want to use the old format can crunch them XML->flat ASCII,
and when done, can do flat ASCII->XML.

	As I said, I'm not saying that I think XML is a bad idea for Snort
(from a technical perspective, it doesn't look like a bad idea at all,
with the possible exception of portability issues), I'm just asking that
you (and other folks who want to do this) keep in mind us 'ignorant
savages', and not leave us too far in the dust.  Based on your response, I
seem to have made my point, so I'll shut up now. :)  Thanks for listening
to me.  Cheers!


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