[Snort-devel] xml thoughts

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Thu Feb 8 16:54:13 EST 2001

"Hammerle, Tye F." <Tye.F.Hammerle at ...161...> writes:

> I would agree with your ideas. Being a 'savage' myself I don't particularly
> think xml is going to buy me anything. I'm catching up after weeks on the
> road so I haven't seen the 'positive' points for xml rules yet. 
> Tye

I'd have to guess in summary, it lets us use someone else's debugged
parser so there will atleast be helpful cryptic messages when a rule
doens't conform to the DTD.

Its also easy to write applications to twiddle the XML easily so that
GUI configurators and rule generators are simple to do.
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