[Snort-devel] Re: xml thoughts

Erek Adams erek at ...105...
Wed Feb 7 16:14:45 EST 2001

Ya'll both make very good cases for reasons why and reasons why not...  So
if/when XML becomes part of snort's future, why don't we add a 'meet in the
middle' script?

[Please feel free to use a clue-by-four on me if needed....]

Since the XML format can be parsed fairly quickly using some sort of script,
why not have a nice "translater to bit more human readable format".  Since
I've been in a cave or something, I only understand enough about XML to be
a danger to myself.  If you've been dealing with XML (or HTML) on a daily
basis, I'm sure it's pretty easy and quick to grok.  But for folks like me, it
might take a bit more to follow/get a handle on.

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