[Snort-devel] xml thoughts

Paul Cardon paul at ...186...
Wed Feb 7 15:14:46 EST 2001

Todd Lewis wrote:
> 4) It is hyper-easy to write programs to generate these XML files.
> Perl, python, java, C, Visual Basic, ECMA script, PHP, every language
> known to man and then some have XML suppport.  Ergo, it's very easy to
> write GUI tools, web interfaces, automatic converters or anything else
> you want to generate a rule file.  Contrast this with how hard it would
> be to generate config files for the present format and be able to rely
> on their correctness.

I can't argue with the benefits that xml would bring to the project but
only if it doesn't impair the ability of the majority of snort users to
work with the tool.

Since it is hyper-easy to write these programs, one should be included
with snort so that mere mortals can read and work with the config
without having to know xml.


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