[Snort-devel] RE: Wish List Ware? :)

Meij Ewout EC CH ewout.meij at ...252...
Tue Feb 6 05:33:28 EST 2001

| From: Erek Adams <erek at ...105...>
| Anyway...  I'd like to 'suggest' (*prod*poke*prod*) that 
| Marty go and build
| one.  Then if you ever feel like 'doing something' to try to 
| say "Thanks For
| Snort!", you can....  And it would even be something that he 
| might want!

Way good idea! I for one, like to say thanks this way, Marty [et others who
do a *great* job on snort, you know who you are...] try it!

The solution is there, show me the problem.

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