[Snort-devel] Wish List Ware? :)

Martin Roesch roesch at ...48...
Tue Feb 6 00:18:54 EST 2001

Well, I could certainly use a book on writing parsers (just look in
rules.c if you have any questions why). :)  Additionally, some of the
IDS books that are out these days are pretty interesting, especially
Northcutt's Intrusion Detection Analysts Handbook, Paul Proctor's new
Practical IDS book, etc.  The compilers book with the dragon on the
cover (by Aho/Sethi)could be a fun read too...

I'll definitely look into setting one up, if I manage it I'll let you
guys know. :)


Erek Adams wrote:
> This Christmas I was shown something that was pretty nifty--An Amazon Wish
> List.  Yes, I now know that they've had that a while, but I still think its
> cool. :-)
> Anyway...  I'd like to 'suggest' (*prod*poke*prod*) that Marty go and build
> one.  Then if you ever feel like 'doing something' to try to say "Thanks For
> Snort!", you can....  And it would even be something that he might want!
> I wonder if we could ever get Micro$oft to go to wish-list-ware?  ;-)
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