[Snort-devel] snort-1.7-win32 released!

Michael Davis mike at ...27...
Mon Feb 5 21:55:41 EST 2001

After expanding RSN to the limits I have released snort-1.7-win32.

    * Fixed a bug in which you could not specify the full path for a
portscan log to be stored.
    * Fixed a "Too many open handles to EventLog" problem.
    * Complete rewrite of the snort port.
    * -s now sends alerts/logs to a remote syslog server. -E is for
    * -W lists available interfaces.

Please note the last *. -E sends alerts to the EventLog. -s <server:port>
sends alerts to a remote syslog server.

Also, this release is not 1.7 exactly, but is a CVS from 2 days ago. This
means it includes the Spade fixes and any other bug fixes that were in the
CVS version.

You can download snort-1.7 from:
Standard snort-1.7-win32 Binary:
snort-1.7-win32 FlexRESP Binary:
snort-1.7-win32 MySQL Binary:
snort-1.7-win32 Source Code:

The snort-1.7-win32 source code now contains all version of snort-win32 and
contains all needed header files and libraries. Compilation should be as
simple as running 'nmake' in the WIN32-PRJ directory because there is now a
WIN32 Makefile present.

I think that covers it up.

Any questions or comments please check the WIN32_FAQ located in all the
above zip files and then email me.

Michael Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Data Nerds, LLC.

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