[Snort-devel] Usage Error

Karakas, David KARD235 at ...249...
Mon Feb 5 16:08:46 EST 2001

Problem getting libpcap and snort to work.  Problem getting tcpdump and
libpcap to work.  Running on HP-UX 11.x
The problem seems to be related to the /dev/dlpi interface used by HP-UX

Using the depot files from http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/

Version Info:
snort: 1.6.3pl2
libpcap: 0.5.2
tcpdump: 3.4


I get an error message when trying to initialize snort.

Message output:
Initializing Network Interface...
ERROR: OpenPcap() device lan5 open:
              stat: /dev/lan5: No such file or directory.

I am trying to use snort with libpcap and libpcap isn't able to attach to
the LAN interface.  With HP-UX 11 the 
use of /dev/lan? has been replaced by /dev/dlpi.  This change is also
indicated in the libpcap README file in 
the latest source release of libpcap.  

Is there a way for me to get libpcap to attach to a specific interface card
that uses /dev/dlpi?  When I try to 
use /dev/dlpi as the interface name it complains "can't find PPA for
/dev/lan5".  Lan 5 is the primary interface
card on my system.

Is there a way for me to tell snort to attach to /dev/dlpi and if so, how?


I get an error message when trying to initialize tcpdump.

Message output:
tcpdump: stat: /dev/lan5: No such file or directory

How do I tell tcpdump to use /dev/dlpi for the lan5 interface?

David Karakas
HP Midrange Systems Administrator
State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries
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