[Snort-devel] announcing snort-1.6.3-paengine

Todd Lewis tlewis at ...120...
Mon Feb 5 15:09:31 EST 2001

Fellow snort developers,

SecureWorks is proud to release to the snort community the Packet
Acquisition Engine (paengine) modification to snort.  This work
allows the insertion of pluggable paengines into snort and, as
the tail that wags the dog in this case, allows snort to become a
user-space firewall (or Gateway IDS) when combined with an engine
such as Linux 2.4's IP Queues or FreeBSD's Divert Sockets.

The enclosed patch should be applied against snort-1.6.3.  It is
released so that the research community can evaluate this work in
anticipation of its incorporation into snort-2.0.

Be sure to consult the new file "README.PAENGINE" for full details.

Happy hacking!

Todd Lewis                                       tlewis at ...120...

  God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even
  though I think it is hopeless.          - Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
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