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Sun Aug 26 23:45:33 EDT 2001

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Hello everyone,

I took a quick look at SnortSam as I have customers that would need to use 
that kind of addon, and at the same time I produced a patch to intergrate 
SnortSam (released 8-25-01) with Snort 1.8.1-RELEASE

Now, people claim that this is just added bloat, and to some extent I agree - 
but as I've added ./configure options to enable the code there won't be any 
added bloat unless you enable it.

The ./configure option --enable-snortsam sets the CFLAG "-DENABLE_SNORTSAM"

Enough of my babble here, see the attached diff file.

Best regards
 Michael Boman

 The diff file was created by:

diff -u3 -N snort-1.8.1-RELEASE snort-1.8.1-RELEASE.new > 


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