[Snort-devel] unable to compile flexresp

rottz at ...403... rottz at ...403...
Wed Aug 22 11:22:11 EDT 2001

welp the man has come thru again....Marty has fixed it and already
commited it to CVS. 
Anyone else that was having the same problem, just update via CVS and 
"make distclean && ./configure --enable-flexresp && make"
and you should be fine.
oh and if you get this error
/usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lnet
*** Error code 1
just cp libnet.a from $libnet/include directory to /usr/lib and you
should be fine.

>rottz at ...403... wrote:
> Chris,
> I'm running the latest build 75 and trying to compile flexresp on my
> FreeBSD 4.3 system. I was running the default freebsd libnet version and
> it didn't work, so dragos suggested install 1.0.2a, which I found in the
> freebsd ports section. After I installed it, it still won't compile.
> Seems to be a problem with sp_respond.c so I thought you might want to
> take a look at it. Here is the error msg after "make"

p.s. Sorry for bothering you chris

rottz at securityflaw dot com
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