[Snort-devel] Building Snort 1.8 on WinNT/2K

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Sat Aug 11 02:32:42 EDT 2001

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Geez. I am just replying to this now. I haven't seen this email till
now (Almost a month later!).

I am extremely busy working on a new product for 3com. Everyone is
working 12+hour days and basically living at the office.

Chris Reid has gracefully ported 1.8 and I hope to sometime look at
the code and make sure everything is happy (not that I don't trust
Chris' work I just don't want to get threatening emails about his
code not working =)

Sorry for the huge delay,
Michael Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Data Nerds, LLC.

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> > Quoting Frank Knobbe <FKnobbe at ...339...>:
> > > As far as I know, Snort 1.8 is not ported to Windows yet. I
> > > guess Mike is waiting for 1.8 to stabilize...
> > 
> > How involved is the Windows port?  Is it something that could be 
> > documented and posted so the rest of us impatient Windoze users
> > (client's choice, not mine) could forge ahead?
> There are a couple of extra files which (I believe) are not in the
> CVS tree yet. Same applies for any project file and compiler
> config. It is not a problem getting the Win32 port of snort
> integrated into CVS so that we have one source that be compiled
> under *nix or Win32. Some fixes (like SMB alerts) already play
> nicely in the CVS tree.
> It's just a time issue. Mike doesn't have the time at the moment
> (beside a real life, probably busy with the 1.8 port). I'm
> currently still working on my plug-in. I had though about giving
> Mike a hand getting Snort with Win32 pieces into CVS (if Marty
> let's us :), but I'm wondering if it would be more involved than if
> one person takes a Saturday and works through it. 
> I would suggest, though, that we wait until Mike has ported Snort
> 1.8. Having someone else do the job now for 1.8 may distort the
> result. The Win32 port of 1.7 is great, and I hate to see this get
> messed up. Once 1.8-Win32 is out, anyone of us could either help
> out, or step up himself to get Snort stuffed into CVS.
> What do you think, Mike? How can we all help you out?
> Regards,
> Frank
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