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Wed Aug 8 14:15:13 EDT 2001

Committed (build 65 is now available).


Chris Reid wrote:
> Many thanks should go to Fyodor for his efforts of integrating the Win32
> changes into the Snort source tree!
> I'd like to make a couple of observations and corrections.
> The Win32 project I provided to Fyodor used a directory structure which
> followed that of the Snort 1.7 Win32 port by Michael Davis.  But in the
> interest of cleaning up the directory structure, Fyodor has placed all
> Win32-specific directories into a common "win32" directory.  Not a bad idea,
> I might add.  However, this resulted in breaking the original Visual C++
> project.  I've created an updated ".dsp" file which should replace the one
> currently in CVS.
> One other thing I noticed when testing Fyodor's CVS update is that the Win32
> library "libpcap.lib" he put into CVS causes Visual C++ to generate an error
> about a corrupt library when linking the EXE.  For my own testing, I
> replaced his library with one I had been linking to for my own development.
> The one I have is dated Apr 03, 2000.  The file sizes are slightly
> different, but beyond that I don't know what other differences exist between
> the two libraries.
> These two files (new .dsp and old .lib) can be found in the ZIP file
> attached to this message.  Perhaps one of the Snort project administrators
> would be so kind as to add them to CVS.
> Chris Reid
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> > From: "Fyodor" <fygrave at ...1...>
> > Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 5:51 AM
> > Subject: [Snort-users] win32
> >
> > Just FYI, WIN32 (visual C) patches from Chris Reid were comitted to CVS
> > last night. I will write more when get back from the road meanwhile
> > testing would be appreciated (all questions/comments I suggest to be
> > sent to  either snort-devel@ list or to Chris, cc'ed to us :))
> >
> > cheers
> > -Fyodor
> >
> >
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