[Snort-devel] 1.8p1 core dumps

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at ...581...
Sun Aug 5 09:16:00 EDT 2001

I haven't been able to track down the particulars, but this version is
core dumping on my system.

(What I hope is) Relevant information:

built from src tar.gz
using stock rules
my system: Linux daemon.patch.com 2.2.18 #1 SMP Thu Jan 18 10:01:29 PST
2001 i686 unknown

core files will be stored at ftp.patch.com/pub/snort with names of
core.snort.MonDDx where x is a sequence letter in case I get more than
one core on a day.


   Michael Rasmussen - mikeraz at ...581...
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

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