[Snort-devel] Thoughts on threads

Jon Bentley jon at ...370...
Mon Apr 30 08:13:01 EDT 2001

I'm thinking of pre-attack scans.  Not that we do things like this here, but
I can
see that some sites may attempt to implement post-processing logic to look
such scans and react accordingly.  Given that the world is full of kiddies,
scans are usually a few milliseconds prior to the launch, so reordering even
tad causes me concern.

I'm just bringing this up because it occurs to me; it seems I'm in the
minority, so
it's probably something to forget about.


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> On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Jon Bentley wrote:
> > Threads (nee parallelization) would cause me some concern, as it would
> > potentially remove the serial order of received packets.  Perhaps that
> > a concern of only myself, though.  (Packet sequence numbers, with a
> > process reordering?)
> Jon, is your objection to traffic reordering in general or reordering
> caused by snort in particular?  I.e., traffic will often be reordered
> as it travels across the network anyway, so what's the trouble with
> snort reordering it as part of its processing?
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> Todd Lewis
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