[Snort-devel] Portscan preprocessor output not showing up in acid with a Postgresql

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Fri Apr 27 11:15:33 EDT 2001


It would appear to be an related to the fact that
PostgreSQL does not support OUTER (in this case LEFT) joins.
I will investigate the required SQL tweaking.


> Good evening,
> As per a request, I have been testing snort logging to a postgresql db
> over here for several days.  I am seeing something that may be a
> problem with either snort, or acid, not sure which.  I am using the
> cvs version of snort, current as of last evning, April 20, the current
> cvs version of acid, and postgresql-7.0.3 under NetBSD-1.5 i386.  UThe
> dbs for mysql and postgresql were created from the current create
> scripts in contrib.  
> Now the problem: keeping all else constant, portscan data is showing
> up in acid when clicking on the unique alerts link under mysql, but
> not under postgresql.  It appears the data is being logged under
> postgresql, because it does show up under the trafic by profiles, but
> under unique alerts it does not show.  It seems about the only way in
> acid to clear the portscans out is to click on the sensor from which
> it came and delete all.  The portscans also are counted in the number
> of unique alerts, just not displayed.
> I hope I have not left anything important out of this, but if so, feel
> free to holer at me.  :-)
> -Len
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