[Snort-devel] need more guidance on paengine integration

Chris Green cmg at ...81...
Thu Apr 26 16:17:21 EDT 2001

Todd Lewis <tlewis at ...255...> writes:

> Still waiting on word for when the paengines should be integrated.  If
> it needs to be ready by tomorrow, then I would like to hear about it
> sooner rather than later.  As is, I am completely adrift on what we are
> doing.  Now, some more questions:

I would hope not. It has been a long ( internet ) time since the last
release and the last release had a very large set of buglets.   Offset
errors, MTU etc.   Right now snort people have the choice of a
somewhat broken ``stable'' snort or a bleeding edge snort that is
allowed to be broken by definition.

A stable current would be very nice to have especially as people are
clammoring away for the new rule sets.  It's nice to have a user
community full of beta testers but.... :>
Chris Green <cmg at ...81...>
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