[Snort-devel] Problems with libnet 1.0.2

Jason Larsen larsjaso at ...282...
Mon Apr 23 20:55:17 EDT 2001

I haven't tried, but usually you get that error when you don't put a 
`libnet-config --libs --cflags` on the end of the compile line.

Jason Larsen
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Subject: [Snort-devel] Problems with libnet 1.0.2

> All,
> I have downloaded the latest version of snort, and I tried to compile
> it on Mandrake 8.0. The configure script runs, and the make process
> starts out fine. When make goes to compile sp_response.c, I get an error
> about not having defined if the system is big/little endian. I inserted
> a line in the source file "#define LIBNET_LIL_ENDIAN" and tried to
> compile again. I then recieved more erros that look to be that snort's
> current source is not compatible with this version of libnet. Can anyone
> confirm/deny this? Does anyone have a fix?
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