[Snort-devel] snort leaders, I need guidance - help!

Brian Caswell bmc at ...227...
Mon Apr 23 17:52:28 EDT 2001

Todd Lewis wrote:
> Marty, I would like for the paengine stuff to be integrated into 1.8 and
> any plugins that depend on pcap be broken until their authors fix them.
> As you know by my constant annoying messages to the list, I have nothing
> but time to work on this problem and happy to help the plugin authors
> work through these problems.  The alternative, of just giving up on
> paengines for 1.8, just means that we're going to have the exact same
> problem the next time we try to integrate it.

This is my take on it.  We are -> <- this close to releasing 1.8.  Do we want to massively break a lot of plugins right before a release?  If we are going to use paengines, then we need to do this
AFTER our next release.  We should NOT do a release with  broken plugins. 

Yucky.  Todd, if you finish your code to get it READY to integrate, then we can integrate into CVS as soon as we do a release.  We should be focusing on cleaning up bugs, not massively changing

Should we start a release cycle akin to pick-your-bsd?  (Every X months, with a lock on the tree 1 month before hand with only bug fixes, documentation and tested rules added?)

Pretty soon we are going to have ghant charts, UML models, and managers telling us that we need to use OOP VB.  Yucky.


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