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Scratch that thought.  I just caught up on the threads thread.

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> I'm trying to optimize the rules engine a little bit, but some of the code
> takes a little to understand.  I'm thinking of arranging the rules in a
> tree.
> You don't have to apply the modifiers of all the rules to all the packets.
> For instance.  A packet that has "flags:A" and "flags:S" are mutually
> exclusive.  You could arrange the rules in a tree cutting out a bunch
> of them at each branching.
> For instance:
> ALL Rules
> |    |    |   |
> S  A  P  No flags     flags
> If a packet had only the SYN flag set, you could immediately eliminate the
> branches for ACK and PUSH.  You could similarly eliminate branches based
> on source/destination port/ip.
> Each test would then eliminate more branches starting with the operations
> that are
> least CPU intensive and ending with the operations that are most CPU
> intensive (content).
> The fewer contents we have to actually execute the faster snort will run.
> Just a thought.  What do you guys think?

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