[Snort-devel] snort-Win32 Updates.

Michael Davis mike at ...27...
Wed Sep 27 23:25:16 EDT 2000

Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead, I was in Maryland :)

Here is what I am planning to do this weekend with snort-win32.

1) Fix a bug with the printing of the Interfaces which would not print out
the interface name in 9x.
2) Make a VC++ makefile so I can do the CVS integration.
3) Update gettimeofday function to use a more accurate syscall to get the
4) Have snort auto load it's sniffer driver. That is right boys and girls no
more rebooting to use snort :) /* Might break some stuff ;) */
5) Updated win32 code base to 1.6.3-patch2.
6) Add service code to make -D work in Win32.

As you can see that is a lot to do. Half of the things are simple to do.
Others are not so simple.

I am planning a code merge this weekend.

Also, I was planning to write some simple programs to do like alert checking
etc for Windows(MD5 hash of alert.ids, if not same as hash from 1 min
before, send alert). Anyone think there is a need for this?

The tools will be all GUI based.

Michael Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Data Nerds, LLC.

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