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Fyodor fygrave at ...1...
Sun Sep 24 19:52:43 EDT 2000

~ :Um, the ds_list is hyper important to the decode plugins, they allow a
~ :particular node on the OTN list to have its own data associated with it, so
~ :that one rule can look for dsize = 128 and the next can look for dsize = 256. 
~ :Maybe I missed it, but you've got a replacement that'll allow the rules to
~ :have their own per-node data associated with each OTN?
~ :

 yep, I am suggesting the data to be stored in OptFpList structure, so
each appearance of a keyword, will have it's own piece stored there (have
a look on implementation of sp_re*.c/h plugins). This model seems to
work. ;)

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