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Fyodor fygrave at ...1...
Sat Sep 23 22:49:20 EDT 2000

~ :> Should we modify plugin-data handling to be in `void *' pointer of
~ :
~ :If you do any pointer arithmetic in Win32 with a void pointer you
~ :will get a compile error. I don't know if you want to make it a char
~ :pointer or just let me ifdef WIN32 the code so it is a char pointer
~ :instead of a void.

Well, there's no pointer arythmetic in it so far. When plugin function is
called, it basically resigns void pointer to pointer of it's own data

myplug(Packet *p, RspFpList *fp_list) {

MyData *ptr;
int param1;
float param2;

 ptr = (MyData *)fp_list->params;

 param1 = ptr->param1;
 param2 = ptr->param2;

This code should compile on WIN32 without problems AFAIK too:)
That's basically what I am suggesting, but if void would give troubles on
some platforms, we can switch to char, it doesn't really make difference.

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