[Snort-devel] DTD's for public scrutiny...

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...40...
Tue Sep 12 00:31:08 EDT 2000

So I'm getting all caught up in this XML cult...

(I've started storing all my capture files in text format too,
to similarly reduce efficiency across the board in exchange
for a readable format.... Just kiddin... :-) I just have
a customer that is very "religious" about it and I like
keep sharp so I can tease them.)

Speaking of DTD's for public scrutiny...

$ wget http://www.cert.org/DTD/snml-1.0.dtd
--21:30:40--  http://www.cert.org:80/DTD/snml-1.0.dtd
           => `snml-1.0.dtd'
Connecting to www.cert.org:80... connected!
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
21:30:43 ERROR 404: Not Found.

But what I did see at the AIRCERT site looks pretty 
cool, and very timely. Well, I guess I don't have any
more viable excuses left on not having a webserver with
PHP somewhere...   But I guess I had better write a
rule for $Foo... :-)


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