[Snort-devel] Interfaces

Subba Rao subb3 at ...38...
Sat Sep 2 03:06:18 EDT 2000

On  0, Fyodor <fygrave at ...1...> wrote:
> ~ :Hello Everyone,
> ~ :
> ~ :I am looking through the code and see that Snort checks only
> ~ :the ethernet interface. Are there any plans to include the modem
> ~ :interface too?
> ~ :
>  what do you mean by that? we support ppp as well ;)

Sorry folks. The default interfaces seems to be the ethernet interface. The
minute the eth0 was set into promiscous mode there was a log entry. A quick
look through the code did not show ppp0 interface. However, the command line
option does allow you to select the interface ppp0. *phew*


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subb3 at ...38...

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