[Snort-devel] Major problems with snprintf...

Jed Pickel jed at ...7...
Thu Oct 12 23:42:04 EDT 2000

> Ok, while I understand that we want to get 1.7 shipped ASAP, I'm
> running into some major problems on non-Linux/BSD platforms.
> Specifically, the snprintf function that we're now including doesn't
> build when building on Solaris 7 *and* Tru64, and calls to that
> function are scattered throughout the spo_database and spo_xml
> plugins.  Jed, Fyodor, any thoughts on how we plan to fix this? ;)

Yeah..... It would defiantly be worth having a few other OS's around
here for testing. All I ever test build on is Linux. Can someone send
around a copy of the Solaris 7/ Tru64 build errors?

> Additionally, when trying to do "make distcheck" builds to setup for
> shipping the beta releases, there are some conflicts between the
> files spec'd in Makefile.am and the files that are actually included
> in the contrib directory.  The snprintf.c file isn't mentioned
> anywhere in Makefile.am either, and there's no provision for its
> inclusion in the configure.in script currently.

Some of that is my fault.. Oops. I am always forgetting to change the
EXTRA_DIST variable when updating the /contrib's. I will see what I
can clean up there tomorrow.

> These are the things I've tracked down today while trying to do some testing
> on the local LAN, there are probably a few more as well.  

No doubt there are some more. BTW... If anyone on snort-devel knows of
any other bugs, typos, or files in /contrib that need to be fixed or
updated before 1.7 goes out please bring them up soon.

Sorry about my slow responses. I have been on the road, and will be out
at SANS next week so my usefulness will continue to be be somewhat
limited until that is over.

* Jed

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