[Snort-devel] Major problems with snprintf...

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...40...
Thu Oct 12 18:40:14 EDT 2000

Can we maybe wrapper our sprintf with some ifdefs
that calls the native function on that platform?
The 64bit fun is just beginning...


On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> Ok, while I understand that we want to get 1.7 shipped ASAP, I'm running into
> some major problems on non-Linux/BSD platforms.  Specifically, the snprintf
> function that we're now including doesn't build when building on Solaris 7
> *and* Tru64, and calls to that function are scattered throughout the
> spo_database and spo_xml plugins.  Jed, Fyodor, any thoughts on how we plan to
> fix this? ;)
> Additionally, when trying to do "make distcheck" builds to setup for shipping
> the beta releases, there are some conflicts between the files spec'd in
> Makefile.am and the files that are actually included in the contrib
> directory.  The snprintf.c file isn't mentioned anywhere in Makefile.am
> either, and there's no provision for its inclusion in the configure.in script
> currently.
> These are the things I've tracked down today while trying to do some testing
> on the local LAN, there are probably a few more as well.  
> Um, help? :)

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