[Snort-devel] STD_BUF

Martin Roesch roesch at ...48...
Fri Oct 6 22:55:48 EDT 2000

Hmm, this is an interesting issue.  I have no problem making a new #define,
but let's make sure that this solves the real root problem before proceeding. 
Is there a better way to do it?  Are there other places in the code where
we're going to bump into this same problem?

I'll look around a bit and see if there's a larger issue that needs solving...


Joe McAlerney wrote:
> I recently ran into a situation where my preprocessor args were getting
> chopped off.  A little backtracing pointed to a buffer size of 256 being
> used to store the preprocessor argument.  I bumped it up to 512 and it
> worked fine.  Unfortunately, STD_BUF is used many more times throughout
> snort.  Would it be possible to create a RULES_BUF of size 512 k in
> snort.h, and change the buffer in ParseRulesFile to that?
> Thanks,
> -Joe M.
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