[Snort-devel] The $<inetname>_ADDRESS variable

Jed Pickel jed at ...7...
Thu Oct 5 11:50:00 EDT 2000

I've just been working on the snort-lib file - adding a sample
configuration for the tcp stream preprocessor and trying to make it
more user friendly for the 1.7 release.

I think the $<inetname>_ADDRESS variable is a great step for user
friendliness; however, I think we could take this one step further and
additionally set a $DEFAULT_ADDRESS variable for the interface in
pv.interfaces[0]. This way the snort-lib configuration would work
without being modified. I mention this mostly because there have been
a number of posts to snort-users recently that seem to be based on not
properly setting the HOME_NET variable. Adding this feature could
eliminate some of the initial confusion around running snort for the
first time. Thoughts?

One other thought... Do you think it would make sense to rename the
snort-lib file to snort.conf or something like that?

* Jed

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