[Snort-devel] $INTERFACE_ADDRESS Global variable

Martin Roesch roesch at ...48...
Mon Oct 2 21:28:57 EDT 2000

It should probably be <name>_ADDRESS, I can think of plenty of situations
where that'd be useful.  OTOH, it could just use the same value that the rest
of the program uses as well (i.e. the intergface that is specified at the
command line)...


Fyodor wrote:
> I just committed support of `$INTERFACE_ADDRESS' global variable. Things
> seem to work so testers are welcome. I have some question though:
> would it be more convinient to have only one global variable
> $INTERFACE_ADDRESS or maybe it would be better to initialize
> `<interface_name>_ADDRESS variable? In latter case we will avoid hassles
> in future when we would be able to support multiple interfaces
> simultaneously, but with single name you avoid a hassle of going into
> snort config file every time you want to change an interface, which you
> will be running snort at..
>  any thoughts?
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