[Snort-devel] update to snort-win32 Updates.

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Mon Oct 2 02:19:01 EDT 2000

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The things on my list:

1) Fix a bug with the printing of the Interfaces which would not
print out
the interface name in 9x.


2) Make a VC++ makefile so I can do the CVS integration.


3) Update gettimeofday function to use a more accurate syscall to get


4) Have snort auto load it's sniffer driver. That is right boys and
girls no
more rebooting to use snort :) /* Might break some stuff ;) */

Not done.

5) Updated win32 code base to 1.6.3-patch2.


6) Add service code to make -D work in Win32.

90% done.

Adding the service code to snort is proving to be a pain the butt. I
am close to finishing so I will give a brief description of how users
will have to get -D to work.

The user will run 'snort -I' This will install snort as a service on
the 9x OR NT box (yep both).

Now, the user will have to do this following for snort to 
1) actually start in the back ground
2) Get the parameters.

They will have to run 'snort -D any more arguments'. Then I will take
all the arguments, remove the -D, and make that the arguments the
snort service will run with. Then start the service.

Lastly, 'snort -R' will remove the snort service.

I having a lot of problems that I hope I can solve easily. One is the
service handler starts the execution of the all the main program
routines. What I mean by this is main() is usually just
Parse_cmd_line() and then start_service(). And the start_service
function starts an other functions. This sorta does not work to well
with the way snort is laid out. Right now I am thinking of calling
main() again with the options it needs or while in ParseCmdline() and
user specifies -D create a new snort process without calling -D and
just block till it exits.

Note that any of the above could change if I have a sudden idea that

Anyway, I got to go catch some sleep. Meetings tomorrow, ugh.

Michael Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Data Nerds, LLC.

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