[Snort-devel] RE: [Snort-users] beta 6 reports...

Fyodor fygrave at ...1...
Thu Nov 30 14:32:54 EST 2000

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 10:32:25AM -0800, Eide, Kirk wrote:
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> I didn't really expect the threading to work well, I just like to poke all
> the options...  ;-)
> My testing was being done on Solaris 2.7 with gcc-2.95.2.  The -pthread
> options is just spewed out as an unrecognized option.

uhmm.. :) ok. 10x, I will add workaround :)

> The issue with the include path is that the openssl .h files expect to find
> the openssl .h files with <openssl/blah.h>

Aha.. I am committing  it now then. :) thanks :) (I believe I have done some kind
of similar fix earlier as well, but don't know how it turned up in configure again :))

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