[Snort-devel] snort.c:DropStats()

Phil Wood cpw at ...86...
Wed Nov 29 13:45:21 EST 2000


This segment of code might give some linux snort users a false sense of
assurance about packet loss.

            if( ps.ps_recv )
                LogMessage(" and dropped %d(%.3f%%) packets\n\n", ps.ps_drop, CalcPct(drop, recv));

However, I don't know what to do about it.  In my case, the kernel provides 
a drop count.  

  pcap-linux.c:   p->md.stat.ps_drop = tps.tp_drops;

And, it appears that the other drivers in the lbl libpcap source
have access to drop counts.

  pcap-bpf.c:     ps->ps_drop = s.bs_drop;
  pcap-dlpi.c:            p->md.stat.ps_drop += sbp->sbh_drops;
  pcap-nit.c:                     p->md.stat.ps_drop = nh->nh_dropped;
  pcap-pf.c:      ps->ps_drop = p->md.TotDrops;
  pcap-snit.c:            p->md.stat.ps_drop = ndp->nh_drops;
  pcap-snoop.c:   p->md.stat.ps_drop =

What if both ps.ps_recv and ps.ps_drop were tested:

	if( ps.ps_recv && ps.ps_drop )

so at least snort would not erroneously report 0 dropped packets.

Just a suggestion.  No action on this item is perfectly acceptable.



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