[Snort-devel] Test lab

Fyodor fygrave at ...1...
Wed Nov 29 02:08:10 EST 2000

> Just a quick note. Since I now work at 3com I have access to a pretty
> expansive lab. I have access to a lot of "exotic" equipment.

Wow.. ;-) Does it mean that we finally can develop ATM and all other funky
datalink types support? :-P

> In my cube now I have ss5 with sol 7, ss5 with openbsd-stable, pIII
> with win2k professional, Dual ppro with RH, Dual PPRo with
> FreeBSD/Win98.
> I have access to tons of sun hardware(ultra sparcs, sparcstations,
> IPXs etc) and some HP and SGI boxen.

SGI is good. :) We also had some funky probs with hpux I rememeber but we got
'em fixed afaik. :)

> I also have access to ATM, Frame, DS3, T1+, etc equipment for stress
> testing ;)

wow.. wow..wow.. :-) coolers. ;) So we could start portsing snort to these
datalinks one-by-one? :) if direct access to that stuff is not an option, I think
a raw dump of datastream into a file (so we could replay it on our machines later)
would be appreciated mucho. That's how we got token ring support done and as far
as I know it works. :) Which one do we start first with ATM or FR? :) FR should
be a quick kill since I looked at the frame formats already (and have some experience
with FR networks too :P)

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