[Snort-devel] a problem

Michael Davis mike at ...27...
Tue Nov 28 13:39:55 EST 2000

Well slap me silly and call me Charles. I did mess up with the define for bcopy
(MS has no bcopy), however, through a quark of nature the problem never creeps 
up because m_string.h undefines bcopy and redefines bcopy correctly if 
HAVE_BCMP is NOT defined. Well it is NOT defined.

Furthermore, UNIX sockets are not supported in the win32 port.

My incorrect define of bcopy will be fixed in the next release which also 
contains the abilty to do remote syslog logging.

Michael Davis

Quoting Fyodor <fygrave at ...1...>:

> On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 09:07:11PM +0800, zhudx wrote:
> > hi :
> >    Snort is a very good things.but I think there has a bugs,it is in
> the log.c Lins 556:
> > bcopy((const void *)srv,(void *)alertaddr.sun_path,strlen(srv)); /* we
> trust what we define */
> > I think you want to copy the srv to the sun_path,but the first params
> is dest.do you think so?I modify it and test on my win2k plantform,it
> work fine.
> No, first param is the source and the statement is quite correct:
> char *srv = UNSOCK_FILE;
> ...

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