[Snort-devel] creating /var/log/snort/

Martin Roesch roesch at ...48...
Wed Nov 22 23:26:00 EST 2000

Joe McAlerney wrote:
> I'm working on a few FAQ's and came across this issue.  I think most
> people are asking, "Why doesn't Snort create /var/log/snort/ if it
> doesn't exit?"  This is something I forget about until I put Snort on a
> fresh box.  Any takers?

If it doesn't *exist*? :)  Hmm, well I suppose there could be some sort of
security issue with doing that (symbolic links, etc), I've just never thought
of it.  Maybe we should have it prompt the user and ask if the directory
should be created, and if so it'll mkdir it and keep going, otherwise exit. 
What do you guys think?


Martin Roesch
roesch at ...48...

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